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kids eating healthy food in kindergarten

In KidsLab we take the healthy approach seriously. We have implemented a Healthy Lifestyle policy in out setting which includes sport activities, food, drinks, snacks, healthy choices, hygiene and other aspects of developing healthy habits for life.

Our food and drink policy are created using recommendations by Voluntary Food and Drink Guidelines for Early Years Settings in England. Children have three main meals per day – breakfast, lunch and tea as well as two snack times – once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Children have access to fresh drinking water at all times.

Breakfast is prepared every morning. We believe that starting the day with a healthy breakfast is vitally important for a child’s wellbeing, ability to learn and perfect mood. Therefore, we provide them with hot porridge, cereals, toast, butter, fresh fruits and vegetables.

Our lunch and tea meals are provided by our partner Zebedees. This is an award-winning company which is one of the leading companies on the catering market at the moment. All their menus are checked and approved by Children’s Food Trust. The menus provide the essential food groups and meet the dietary needs of growing children. They include plenty of fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and organic pulses. All of the food is prepared in a healthy way such as steamed, boiled, baked or braised. Whenever possible, low salt products are used.

Mealtimes at KidsLab are a social time where children actively participate in setting the table, cleaning it off after mealtimes, develop healthy eating habits, good manners and develop techniques of eating with a spoon, knife, fork and other skills like spreading, chopping etc. Staff members sit together with children being role models of behaviour, supporting children and having a good time by socialising with them.

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