In the KidsLab we provide healthy and nutritious meals for our children. This includes breakfast, hot lunch and hot dinner as well as two snack times: one in a morning and one on the afternoon. Our lunches and dinners are provided by award-winning catering provider Zebedees. With Zebedees we can provide food that fulfil any medical, food allergies or intolerances, religious or any other food requirements i.e. gluten free, vegan/vegetarian, halal, kosher and any ingredients free options. These options are discussed with parents and we do not charge extra for any meals options. You can have a look at our menus here: lunch menu, dinner menu

kids eating healthy food in kindergarten
Girls on Bicycles

As a setting working toward Healthy Early Years Mayor of London award we put a lot of attention to the healthy eating promotion and children education on the healthy lifestyle. We have a Healthy Eating policy in our nursery and all sweets, chocolates, sweet fruit juices and other unhealthy treats are banned. When celebrating children birthdays we kindly ask parents provide only healthy snacks and treats and choose healthy options where possible i.e. bring carrot care instead of chocolate cake. Also, the only drink we provide to our children is fresh water and cow's milk. Parents can provide any dairy alternative milks which we can serve to their children. We also support breastfeeding and we can provide storage facilities for breast milk and serve this for your child.