meet our team

dreamers (toddlers room) team

Ms Xianglan Su (Ms Lan)


The Toddlers Room Leader. The person you can trust and rely on 100%. Ms Lan is always on time, extremely punctual, a hardworking person who is always willing to learn. Ms Lan is an excellent team member, always willing to help and support. She is chatty and cheerful and makes funny jokes. She is extremely caring and not only for children but for staff members as well. 

Ms Lan came to the UK from China in December 2009 and since then she has been constantly developing her English language skills and as a childcare practitioner. Back in China Lan was working as Nursery and Primary School Teacher and therefore she started to boost her knowledge and career in childcare in the UK. Lan currently holds CACHE Level 3 in Childcare Diploma. She has been constantly working on her CPD (Continuous Professional Development) and holds a number of certificates including Paediatric First Aid, Safeguarding Children Level 3, Behavioural Management courses etc.

In her free time Lan loves travelling around the UK with her husband exploring all the wonderful places especially those of the National Trust and English Heritage. She takes her joy in reading and listening for classic music and indulges herself in cooking and then eating Chinese and British cuisine. Lan knows everything about healthy food and healthy lifestyle and can always provide a good advice. 

Ms Danielle Lane


Danielle may look and actually to be the youngest member of our KidsLab family but she is one of those who has the most experience working with children having more than 5 years working in childcare holding Level 3 Diploma in Early Years Education. Danielle finds a passion in helping and supporting children in their growth, learning and developing. One of the most exciting feelings for Danielle is to watch children showing their unique skills and character, flourish and mature in their own pace and individual way. Danielle has a particular interest in taking care and teaching children with special educational needs. At the moment Danielle is studying to become the KidsLabSENCO - Special Educational Needs Coordinator.

Danielle is a loveliest team member. She is always warm and welcoming for children and their families as well as for staff members. Danielle is a caring, protective and loving person. She loves having fun with children and gives

(and gets!) the warmest cuddles. Danielle shows the highest level of emotional intelligence, she is delicate, patient and very sensible.

Danielle loves her family and spends all her free time with beloved ones. She especially enjoys travelling with them to the countryside and going fishing, hiking and swimming. Danielle is very active, she is thrilled to do all the active sports especially cycling and riding her scooter. She loves music, loves movie nights with Chinese food and as a sunny and warm person cannot stand the cold and darkness of winter months. 

explorers (preschool room) team

Ms Eleni Kaniori


The Preschool Room Leader. Eleni is super creative and makes all the beautiful learning,development and entertaining setups in the KidsLab. She is tremendously organised and resourceful, Eleni remembers all rules, policies, special days and celebrations, what to bring for the Earth Day and how to celebrate Holi, she keeps all her tasks tidy and knows everything she needs to do and always completes them on time.

Eleni left her motherland Greece in 2012 to travel and boost her career in Education. Back in Greece she graduated from the Democritus University of Thrace in Alexandroupoli as a BA in Education Sciences in Preschool Age. Before joining KidsLab she also got experience in childcare from Paris, France and London.

Eleni is an amazing person, always calm, patient and caring. She is supportive, smiling and seemingly found her inner zen. Team members and children can feel her warmth, kindness and love for life and to the job she is doing. But the most she enjoys is to have fun with children and watch their growth and development. It is that feeling of happiness and fulfilment when she can see a child telling her new things she taught them, being able to do new things and becoming more mature and releasing their potential. 

Eleni is a nature lover who loves animals. At home she has two pets. Dog and cat you may think? No way! It is a bunny and lizard! Imagine how amazed were children to find this out. Another Eleni’s passion is computer games. She plays like a PRO in Sims 4. To express her creativity Eleni participates in the local theatrical group. And of course, she loves travelling – Paris and Vienna are two of her favourite cities after London. She is a great foodie who loves cooking, trying and eating all the different tastes from around the world. She loves movie and theatre nights and we all can’t wait for Covid to get away so we can enjoy the West End again. 

Ms Julia Hramenkova


Julia is one of those people who will make you fascinated when you find out that she decided to change her career and become a Childcare Educator not being a young student but a mature and grown up person and mum of 3 years old Leo. She joined KidsLab in February 2021 just to try the new possible career path in action. After only one month she decided to give childcare a go by joining Early Years Educator Level 3 apprenticeship programme. Julia also holds BA in Arts with specialisation in Landscape Design and Gardening therefore all our amazing nature experiences, pets and the beauty of our garden are all supported by Julia. And, of course, all the most creative arts and crafts projects were invented by Julia too.

Julia has some specific areas of interests in Childcare. She admires the philosophy and ethos of Steiner (Waldorf) and Montessori educational methods as well as Curiosity Approach.

She believes that children must be provided an unhurried and creative learning environment where children can find the joy in learning and experience the richness of childhood by being able to play, explore, create and be happy. Julia enjoys working in Childcare, she finds that in this job your every day is different and provides you with a variety of knowledge, experiences and opportunities. 

Herself Julia is a wonderful person – kind, cheerful, always supporting her team members. She is highly intelligent and has a wide range of interests. Julia is a real admirer of nature and a traveller who has a passion to explore the wildest parts of planet Earth. Julia can tell you a lot about Iceland, Vietnam, Malaysia and other amazing destinations she visited or planning to visit. Another Julia’s personalities side is being wild! She loves extreme sports, loves speed and being active. Snowboarding and motorbikes are other of her greatest passions! There are no doubts that Julia already is a wonderful and valuable Early Years Educator and she can share a lot of knowledge and experience with her minded children.