Explorers room (preschool)

 Our Explorers room is designed with preschool aged children in mind. We have created a stimulating and engaging environment in order to help our children to prepare for school. The layout of the room is based on the principle of free-flow movement and all of the resources are available for children at all times on the child-sized shelves. We aim to support the development of children's independence, creativity, confidence and self-esteem. 

Children can join our Explorers team as soon as they turn 3 years old.

To ensure all children in our Explorers Room receive a lot of attention, support and can fulfil their potential in a calm and peaceful environment, we have limited the number of available spaces to 12. There are two  team members working with our Explorers, each of them is a key worker for 6 children. The key worker will be allocated to your child immediately after the settling-in period based on your child’s needs.