The Curiousity Approach is the modern Early Years Education approach mixing together in the wonderful blend of - curious minds, natural materials, authentic resources, beautiful and enchangint environment where the child can feel the joy of learning and exploring. 

We spend a lot of time outdoors providing children the opportunity to explore nature, loose parts, explore their opportunities to move freely and take controlled risks in thesafe environment. Loose parts enable children to show and develop their creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving as well as being closer to nature. 

Children playing with pink tower in a Mo

2. multilingualism 

Chalkboard with Different Languages

In our nursery we appreciate the equality, diversity and inclusion in all levels. Therefore, we  support early language development in our children. We offer a wide range of languages in our nursery, please, enquiry with our staff. 

There is a wide range of exciting and stimulating routine throughout the day and our curriculum is child centred based on learning through play. The Early Years Foundation Stage will be followed allowing children to develop at their own pace. We expect that children who join our setting will learn to understand a language in a natural and direct way, similar to how they learned their mother tongue.

3. STEAM learning

In KidsLab we believe that learning 'STEAM' from the very early years is extremely beneficial for brain development and some important skills such as critical thinking, logical abilities, problem-solving and curiosity are learned. 'STEAM' stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths. We added Art to the more common STEM as we believe that an early Art education boosts the development of creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. Art is also important in delivering Cultural Capital and supporting children inner drive and intelligence. 

During Science activities children will have an opportunity to observe, explore and make their own experiments. We will work on the projects developing early scientific thinking. We provide a huge range of scientific resources included but not limited to different constructions sets, robotics, programming toys, experimental tools, engineering sets and many more.

Kids in Technology Class

On the Art activities children will be free to act and create. The area will provide a range of resources to make children create and express themselves through the art. It will also include early arts and crafts activities supported by teachers as well as completely free-flow creative arts opportunities (aprons provided 😊). 

4. Academic approach and school-readiness

Off to School

We understand that all families and children are different. Some of you may be dreaming about selective private school, some about Hogwarts, some about your favourite local  school and more often your dreams may be not about school at all but about your child being happy, unleashed and successful in any area they will choose.

And we are here for everyone. Our nursery will provide a strong academic foundation based on Curiousity approach and EYFS. By the time your children start school they will get early reading, writing, math, science, understanding of the world, art, skills for life, foreign languages and other important skills. They will boost their concentration, responsibility, self-regulation, initiative and independent work skills.

5. Our mission and ethos

Being part of community 


We believe that for children and adults it is extremely important to feel themselves the part of the community – from local community to identifying themselves as part of humanity.

We want our children to have the sense of belonging from the very early age. We support the development of friendship between children and their families by organising our daily routine in a specific way, working in a close partnership with parents and providing a lot of opportunities for cooperation and group activities. We also organise quite a few family events throughout a year. 

Being part of local community means to have an impact to its life. We work closely with a lot of local businesses around Isle of dogs. Feel free to look at our Friends page and find out what our cooperation means to you. We actively visit local places of interests. And we support vulnerable through our charity projects i.e. participating in the Save the Children Muddy Puddles Walk etc.

Environmentally friendly 

As a nursery we understand the impact every business has to the environment. We care about our planet and therefore have some programmes supporting sustainable approach. These include:

  • Aiming to zero-waste setting

  • Sustainability and recycling. All toys, recourses and products we use in the nursery are 100% recyclable. 

  • Carbon-dioxide reducing. We encourage our families to use public transport, bikes or just walk when dropping off/picking up your children from the setting.

  • Early learning about our planet, ecology, care of environment. To encourage the learning, we have pets to care for, plants to look after, Forest school and Outdoor Classroom sessions and a lot of resources to teach your children be responsible and mindful.

  • Taking care of animals. We have some lovely pets in our setting, and we teach children to take of them from the early age. There is an aquarium, insects in the Bugs Hotel and Butterflies in theie special house, which become good friends for our children.

Outdoor Family Day

6. Healthy habits for life, physical and mental health

Running Children

We are the biggest fans of healthy lifestyle and believe that its vitally important to develop healthy habits as early as possible. So, what we do to encourage these habits to develop:

  • Being positive role models. We stay active, eat healthy and promote healthy habits in our nursery. 

  • Carefully designed learning plan. We teach children about their bodies, healthy meals, the importance of active lifestyle and how to make healthy choices.

  • Participating in the Healthy Early Years programme by the Mayor of London

  • All meals in our nursery are provided by the award-winning caterer Zeebedees. We have Healthy Meals policy and all the unhealthy snacks and sweets and banned. Just to be clear, we do love sweets but those which are healthy and nutritious. Read more about our Food.

  • Active sport and movement. In our setting the routine is designed in order to provide children at least 3 hours active movement per day preferably outdoors. We use outdoor area actively and during almost every weather, when its safe for children. Light shower won’t close un indoor so please make sure your child has wellies and spare clothes. We also believe that not only physical wellbeing is important but mental as well. Therefore, we have yoga and mindfulness sessions during the week.