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Our Environment

Caring Environments, Joyful Minds: Where Every Child Thrives


Baby care

In our nurturing baby care program, we prioritise creating a home-like environment where little ones feel safe, loved, and nurtured. With a focus on warmth and individualised attention, we provide the gentle care and support needed for their development journey.

Building trust is paramount, as we work closely with families to ensure a seamless transition from home to our loving care. Through responsive interactions and tailored activities, we foster a sense of security and promote healthy growth in every precious child.

Baby care is provided in the cosy Dreamers baby room of our sister nursery next door - Skylines Nursery. You can get more information about it on their website 

Toddlers Care

In KidsLab, we operate age-group room allocations, much like schools. This means that your child will start and continue their nursery journey with the same group of children until they leave for school. This approach ensures children do not undergo unnecessary stress of being moved from their room in the middle of the year. It also supports their learning through the yearly curriculum and ensures children do not miss any learning, providing them with the same experience as their peers.

There are two toddlers groups in the KidsLab: group of younger toddlers - Explorers, where children go through the smooth transition from baby room to their toddlerhood. And group of older toddlers - Stargazers where children spend their time before joining Preschool. 



In our Preschool group - Voyagers, children spend their last year before leaving to schools. 

The name "Voyagers" for our Preschool group reflects our emphasis on preparing children for their future journeys in the world. Just like voyagers exploring new horizons, we guide children to develop the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed for their life's journey.

Through immersive learning experiences and a supportive environment, we instil a sense of curiosity, resilience, assertiveness and adaptability, empowering them to navigate the world with courage and curiosity.

Our children have a range of leavers destinations - from all local schools on Isle of dogs/Canary Wharf area to selective private schools such as Dulwich College, St Pauls, Newton Prep, Willington Prep etc. Regardless of where their journey takes them, we ensure that they carry with them the warmest memories of their time at KidsLab

Our Garden

Our garden is a magical place filled with the wonders of nature. It's a haven where children can explore and play with a variety of equipment, including a special gardening corner, an enchanting role-play house, and a beautiful Sakura garden.


The messy play area features a sandpit and water for endless fun, and there are bikes to ride around. Every corner of our garden is designed to inspire imagination and joy, making it a truly enchanting space for children to discover and enjoy.

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