about us

'KidsLab Nursery' is a brand new local independent nursery for children aged 2 to 5 years old. We believe in the Curiosity Approach, EYFS and common sense. Our business grew up from the very successful local childminding business which has always been in a great demand. During our first Ofsted inspection we were granted the Good Award and have received positive feedback from our inspector. You can find our report here.

​In the KidsLab we aim to keep the atmosphere of home, cosiness, unity and friendship and therefore the number of available places is strictly limited to 12 spaces in our toddler room and 12 spaces in our preschool. We believe that providing the high quality pastoral care and academical background will support children in their future


why to choose us?

for a lot of reasons

some oF the reasons we want you to know

  1. We love children and we want them to be happy. And we love parents too and so we want them to be happy and calm about their children. 

  2. We are qualified childcare professionals bringing different methods to our nursery. We are really keen to the "Curiosity approach", Montessori, Reggio Emilia and Scandinavian educational methods

  3. Our nursery is the only one in East London providing a multilingual learning approach. 

  4. STEAM learning focus which is extremely beneficial for young minds

  5. Academic-approach and school-readiness programme. We take the "preschool" name seriously

  6. Strong and clear Mission and Ethos. We are a team of like-minded people and we want to share our mission with you

  7. Delivering healthy habits for life. We believe that being active, healthy and educated provides a vital foundation for further achievements


              Please, read more about our approach here - Why to choose us?