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KidsLab Day Nursery is an exciting, unique day care for children aged 2 to 5 years old. Situated in the serene part of Isle of dogs just minutes away from Crossharbour/South Quay DLR stations and Canary Wharf, KidsLab is easily accessible by parents and guardians. In our nursery we offer an array of indoor and outdoor learning and we pride ourselves in the individual love, care and support as well as fresh air, movement, sun, a lot of fun and friends for life it gives each child.

In KidsLab we create a friendly homely environment for children with lots of opportunities to learn through play, encouraging their unique personality to shine by nurturing their curiosity and enthusiasm. At the moment we are the first and only one nursery in East London who is going through the recognisable Curiosity Approach accreditation process. In our nursery we believe that child’s imagination and curiosity are the keys to their development as they explore, experiment and learn, and our role as educators is to provide them positive, loving and supporting relationship, as well as to help foster their creativity and intelligence in a safe and secure learning environment.