KidsLab rooms

In the KidsLab we have two rooms Dreamers and Explorers. Both rooms using the same educational approach and therefore they have similar layout, toys and resources in order to maintain consistency of learning and care. Both rooms are having the same monthly topics and share thematic resources, books and materials.

What is the difference?

Dreamers room is for children aged 2-3 years old which means we can have children who are as young as 2 years old and children who already turned 3 years old but is not yet going to school in the following September. Dreamers room is also suitable for 3 years old children who have never been in the nursery before and parents believe the child may benefit from starting with slightly younger age group. It is also room for children who may struggle with transition to another room for any reason and it is more preferable for them to maintain consistency of care.

Even is the child has already achieved all learning goals in Dreamers, they will be challenged with more advanced activities individually and will be prepared to smooth transition to the Explorers room or School.

In most cases the transition to the Explorers room is happening in September following child’s 3rd birthday together with other  Dreamers group children.


Explorers room is for children aged 3 and above who start school the following September. The learning goals set for the Explorers room are different from those in the Dreamers and teachers are focusing more on the school readiness.

You can find more information about both rooms using following links: Dreamers and Explorers